Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas, baby shower, and New Years!

Seems like a lot to update on! I guess the last few weeks have been busier than I thought!

We spent Christmas in Iowa braving the crazy snow storm. We were snowed in from Thurs-Sunday! It was crazy how tall the drifts got....I've never seen them so high! It was good to spend some time with family and see how excited our nephews were opening their presents....Ava even joined in via Skype! I just kept thinking how much next year is going to be SOO different with 2 more little boys added to the mix! (no, Im not having twins, John's sister is due 4/7/10). The Sunday after Christmas, John and I ventured out to Council Bluffs to do some after x-mas shopping and to go to the movie "It's Complicated." It was pretty funny but I dont think it will win the Golden Globe. Got a few of next years Xmas presents crossed off the list...I love clearance sales!

On the 28th, Megan, Michelle, and Susie hosted an Iowa baby shower for us. They are afraid a lot of people would show up due to the road conditions, but almost everyone made it! We got a lot of great stuff and I have to mention how DELICIOUS the cake that Megan made I get what everyone raves about! After the shower, we headed to Steve and Megan's (home of 3 boys) to do some "tote shopping." They are done having kiddos and let us take anything they had left....needless to say, we took most of it! We left Iowa with 5 boxes more then we came with and couldnt see out the back window the entire drive home!

This year, we decided to rent movies and get a pizza for New Years. It felt good to be able to stay in pajamas and just veg out and be lazy. In the end....neither one of is made it to midnight...but I guess 10:30 means it was past midnight somewhere right??

Tomorrow we are going to a 3D/4D ultrasound....I will be sure to post pics!

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