Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas, baby shower, and New Years!

Seems like a lot to update on! I guess the last few weeks have been busier than I thought!

We spent Christmas in Iowa braving the crazy snow storm. We were snowed in from Thurs-Sunday! It was crazy how tall the drifts got....I've never seen them so high! It was good to spend some time with family and see how excited our nephews were opening their presents....Ava even joined in via Skype! I just kept thinking how much next year is going to be SOO different with 2 more little boys added to the mix! (no, Im not having twins, John's sister is due 4/7/10). The Sunday after Christmas, John and I ventured out to Council Bluffs to do some after x-mas shopping and to go to the movie "It's Complicated." It was pretty funny but I dont think it will win the Golden Globe. Got a few of next years Xmas presents crossed off the list...I love clearance sales!

On the 28th, Megan, Michelle, and Susie hosted an Iowa baby shower for us. They are afraid a lot of people would show up due to the road conditions, but almost everyone made it! We got a lot of great stuff and I have to mention how DELICIOUS the cake that Megan made I get what everyone raves about! After the shower, we headed to Steve and Megan's (home of 3 boys) to do some "tote shopping." They are done having kiddos and let us take anything they had left....needless to say, we took most of it! We left Iowa with 5 boxes more then we came with and couldnt see out the back window the entire drive home!

This year, we decided to rent movies and get a pizza for New Years. It felt good to be able to stay in pajamas and just veg out and be lazy. In the end....neither one of is made it to midnight...but I guess 10:30 means it was past midnight somewhere right??

Tomorrow we are going to a 3D/4D ultrasound....I will be sure to post pics!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy Weekend

This was a BUSY weekend! One of my best girlfirends Terra and her husband from Iowa were in town for their baby shower (she is 30wks!) and I was able to go and see the ever expanding belly! She looks GREAT! Watching her open all her wonderful presents, made me realize yet again, how much stuff we need that we dont have yet....well, we have 115 days to get it done! :)

Today, we went into full fledge, get the house clean and decorated mode so that Terra and Dave could come see the house. It was good to spend some time with them in a more relaxed setting and be able to pig out on junk food (Mmm, mozzarella sticks!) They gave us a really cool hand decorated night light w/his name on it and our 1st CYCLONE baby items....Zach officially owns ISU Booties! Love them!

Today, I discovered the wonderfull-ness of Mint Oreo. OMG those little cookies are going to be dangerous! Zach must have liked them too because as soon as I finished them, he started kicking all over the place! Im going to take that as a hint that I need to continue eating them for Zach's sake!

Here are the latest photos taken @ 22 and 23wks!

Repeat Ultrasound

This past Thursday, we had our repeat ultrasound to see some of the things we werent able to see at the last one. Zach was much more cooperative (...well, kinda) and we were hopefully able to get all the things we needed.

Good news is he is no longer in the breech position. We were able to see his nice steady heart and heartbeat (141 beats/minute) and follow his entire spine. He is starting to look much more "baby-like" vs. skeletal. We arent really sure if we got a good enough shot of his umbillical cord since the lil' monkey had his toes in his mouth almost the entire time. Hopefully, the doctor will call tomorrow with the offical word....part of hope we didnt get a good shot so that I can have another ultrasound! ;)

Here are the newest ultrasound pictures...

Thanksgiving and Our 1st Baby Shower!!

We went down to Missouri to spend the holiday with my family. Ended up @ my Aunts for Turkey Day. It was a good time and everyone left way too stuffed and vowing to never eat again.

The following Saturday, my Mom hosted our 1st baby shower! It was great to see my entire family all together. We decorated cupcakes (they were delicious!) and had sloppy joes and other goodies! Mom found the cutest favors....they were white chocolate babies with a little tag to everyone from Zach.

Zach (and Mom and Dad) got some great stuff, including out stroller/travel system, diaper bag, and lots of other much needed stuff!! Makes me realize how much MORE stuff we need to get before he make the big arrival!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Halfway done!!! Crazy how time flies...I hope it continues so I can hold my lil' man!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's a BOY!

Hi Everyone-

We had our 20 week ultrasound on Thursday. Our little one was being stubborn and we were afraid he wasnt going to give us a good shot to tell us the sex (he was sitting criss cross). But after about on an hour he gave a good shot to let the world he know it's a BOY! I was in a little bit of shock-- I was sure it was a girl. But have since settled on total excitment! It is an awesome feeling to be able to connect with the baby on a deeper level. He is now Zachary Robert instead of "the baby" or "Poppy".

We spent the rest of the day finishing up our registry @ Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby! That was fun! I went out yesterday and bought a few outfits--- they are so adorable!

We have to go back on Dec. 3rd for a repeat ultrasound since he was in a bad position to measure the heart, the spine, and the umbillical cord. Of course the nurse told us there are the most important thing! He's stubborn already! During the U/S he was breech and face down so that was a bad position to see much. At least we get to go back and see him again!
Between the legs shot:

Zachary's Foot:

Zachary's Face (looking straight on-- looks like a skelton!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

16 weeks

Not much new this week. Its been really cold lately which is not much fun. Next week, they are forecasting temps in the 60's so that will be much more enjoyable. We have a field trip to a pumpkin patch on Thursday, so hopefully, the rain will stay away.

I am SUPER excited for Halloween. This will be the 1st year with trick or treaters...totally looking forward to seeing all the cute lil kiddos in thier costumes.

I am starting to feel some flutters, but nothing that I can say with 100% certainty that it is the baby....hopefully soon!

Here is the 16wk picture....with new haircut and color!